Patient Testimonials

"When I first came to see Dr. Ross, I had been to every other kind of doctor and tried everything from medicine to therapy and even acupuncture. Dr. Ross explained how my spine and nerve system work, showed me what was wrong and gave me options. I can now move without pain and I can't wait for golf season!"

"Our daughter has always been scared to go to any doctor or dentist so we were a little nervous about taking her to see a chiropractor the first time. Within minutes, Dr. Ross had her laughing and feeling comfortable and by the time her visit was over, she was feeling great and asking when she could come back."

"Ask about our low fees and family-friendly environment.  In many cases, our time of service fee is equal to, or even less than your regular insurance co-pay!"  Great care - less expense - ZERO insurance company headaches!!

“Dr. Ross came out on the night of a blizzard to see our little girl just one day after she was born. Dr. Ross was so gentle and reassuring, and our daughter responded to her adjustment immediately – Talk about peace of mind!”

“Call to schedule an appointment for your first whole-health consultation.”

“Dr. Ross helped our son with an ankle sprain in basketball and had him walking on it later that day and back to practice the next day. He was back to playing full speed in under a week, we’ve never seen an ankle sprain respond so quickly”

“Knowing that Dr. Ross has completed an Ironman triathlon made it easy for me as an athlete to explain my injury. He was really able to understand my training program and get me back running again quickly!”