About Us

Dr. Ross J. DeBoer

Were you expecting this to be about me?

Our chiropractic office in Sioux Falls, SD is dedicated to being “different by design.” We want you to know that everything we do is different … we’re not about to be like everybody else here either!Chiropractor Dr. Ross DeBoer and Family

This is usually the section of the website where doctors take a chance to let you know more about who they are along with a trivial listing of their awards and accomplishments.  But in this office…

Everything We Do Is About You!

Instead of telling you about the prestigious chiropractor colleges I attended or what I like to do on the weekends, I want you to know that when you join my chiropractic family, you will be the center of my attention.  From the very first visit to our clinic, we will sit down knee to knee and you will be given a chance to explain your desire for care and outline what you would like to accomplish in our time together.  Sound different?  Keep reading…

Moving forward through our care program, I will be in contact with you and you will have direct access to me even after hours – not an answering service, not a staff member, you will have access to me.  Day or Night!  

You see, when I signed up to be a doctor, I did so with many years of direct healthcare experience under my belt and knowing full-well that things don’t always happen between 8am and 5pm.  When I tell you that you will be a part of my family, I mean you will have access to me and I will take on your case, treating you like a member of my own family.  Maybe it’s a little thing…but at Liberty Chiropractic, we realize that when you pay attention to the details, the big picture comes into focus pretty quickly.